Property Tax Collection
Cities and Townships in Marquette County send out property tax bills July 1 and December 1 of every year.  These taxes are payable to the Township and City Treasurers until March 1 of the following year, at which point they are turned over to the County Treasurer and considered delinquent.   Only real property taxes are turned over to the County Treasurer.  City and township treasurers continue to collect delinquent personal property taxes.

If you have a question regarding current taxes, or need to report a change of address, please contact your city or township treasurer.  For a listing of Township and City Treasurers, click here.

If you would like to look up property tax information on-line, click here.

If you have a question regarding delinquent taxes, please contact the Marquette County Treasurer at 906-225-8425, or to visit the Treasurer's web site, click here.

Property Valuation
If you have a question regarding the taxable or assessed value of your property, contact your city or township assessor.  For a listing of assessors, click here.

2020 Marquette County Millage Rates
If you know the taxable value of your property, you can use the millage rates below to get an estimate of your property taxes.  Find the city or township and school district in which the property is located in the chart below.   If the property is your principal residence, use the PRE tax rate; if it is not your principal residence, use the NON-PRE tax rate.  Divide the millage rate by 1,000 and multiply by your taxable value.  For example, if a property is a principal residence, with a taxable value of 50,000, and is located in Humboldt Township, in the NICE school district, annual property taxes would be $1,400.79 (50,000 X 28.0158/1,000).  Millage rates are considered final as of October 2020.  Use this table for estimating only.





City of Ishpeming Ishpeming 45.3655 63.3655
City of Marquette Marquette 34.7085 52.7085
City of Negaunee Negaunee 41.1339 59.1339
Champion Township NICE 28.9061 46.9061
Champion Township Powell 27.1646 45.1646
Chocolay Township Marquette 23.7753 41.7753
Ely Township NICE 22.7316 40.7316
Ewing Township Mid-Peninsula 22.9661 40.7881
Forsyth Township Gwinn 30.9700 48.9700
Humboldt Township NICE 27.9449 45.9449
Humboldt Township Republic-Michigamme 27.8034 45.8034
Ishpeming Township NICE 23.2074 41.2074
Ishpeming Township Ishpeming 29.9075 47.9075
Ishpeming Township Powell 21.4659 39.4659
Ishpeming Township Negaunee 25.0575 43.0575
Marquette Township Marquette 28.9142 46.9142
Marquette Township Gwinn 30.1712 48.1712
Michigamme Township Republic-Michigamme 29.3274 47.3274
Michigamme Township NICE 29.4689 47.4689
Negaunee Township Negaunee 27.8677 45.8677
Powell Township Powell 21.7374 39.7374
Republic Township Republic-Michigamme 26.7027 44.7027
Richmond Township Negaunee 30.1103 48.1103
Skandia Township Gwinn 24.1188 42.1188
Sands Township Gwinn 25.9360 43.9360
Sands Township Marquette 24.6790 42.6790
Tilden Township NICE 20.8936 38.8936
Turin Township Mid-Peninsula 17.9735 35.7616
Wells Township Wells 21.6410 39.6410
Wells Township Escanaba 25.7721 43.7721
West Branch Township Gwinn 20.5026 38.5026


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