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When is a Temporary Food License Required?

Any event which provides food to the general public (whether it be "for sale" or "free") is required to have a Temporary Food License.  This includes both non-profit and for-profit organizations promoting a sales event or membership drive.  A temporary food service establishment is one which provides food to the public at a fixed location for a temporary period of time (not to exceed two weeks).  Each license application must be completed and submitted to the Division of Environmental Health at least two weeks prior to the event.

 County Government/Elections

How do I obtain a position on one of the County Boards or Commissions?

An application must be on file to be considered for appointment by the Marquette County Board of Commissioners. Application forms are available in the County Clerk’s Office and on this website.  To access the application form and find out more click here.


How do I apply for a job with the County?

Thank you for your interest in employment with Marquette County.  To apply for a position, you must submit an application, along with any required paperwork and credentials.  When we have openings they will be posted on the Employment Opportunities  page of our website.  Here you will also find an Application for Employment form and a Data Record form.  

Completed applications may be mailed to the address below or faxed to (906) 225-8155.

Human Resources Office
County of Marquette
234 W. Baraga Ave.
Marquette, MI  49855


 Public Health & Environment

How do I go about obtaining a well and/or septic permit?

Please visit the Health Department Division of Environmental Health website to find out more about what services you might need and to download the application packet.  You may also call 906-475-4194.


Public Safety, Law & Courts

How do I obtain a permit to purchase a pistol?

Permits to purchase pistols are available at the Sheriff's Office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  A valid Michigan driver's license or ID card, with current address, is required.  Your permanent residence must be within the limits of Marquette County.  The Sheriff's Office issues permits for all township residents in Marquette County.  Anyone who resides within the cities of Marquette, Ishpeming or Negaunee must obtain a permit from their city police departments.  After purchasing the pistol, you must return the "Agency" and "MSP" copies to the Sheriff's Office for registration.  This process must be completed within ten days of acquiring your permit.

Click here to go to the Sheriff's Office website for more information.


Records and Property

I am purchasing a new home and I need to find out where the well and septic system are located on the property.  How do I go about finding out?

Click here for a Request for Septic & Well Records request form, which you may print and fill out, then fax, mail, or call us with the information and we will look up the records for you. For faster and more accurate results, please complete as much information as possible on the request.

Marquette County Health Department
Division of Environmental Health
184 US HWY 41 East
Negaunee, MI  49866
Fax: 906-475-6500


When is the next tax sale/auction?

Properties are foreclosed on each April 1 for nonpayment of taxes. The first auction is scheduled for August.


Where do I pay my property taxes?

Taxes are billed each July and December by the cities and townships.  Taxes are payable to the city/township treasurer through the last day of February following the year billed.  After that point, taxes are payable to the County Treasurer.


How do I obtain my birth record if I was adopted?

It will always remain in the county that you were born in, not necessarily where the adoption took place. Contact the County or State where the birth took place.


Why when I was born in Marquette County is my birth record not on File in the Clerks office?

There are various reasons as to why this could be.  You may want to contact the State of Michigan for your record. Our office does not maintain the records for any illegitimate births or adoption that took place prior to 1982.  Ask our office how you can file the record locally for your future convenience.


How do I add a fathers name to a birth record?

Each circumstance is a little bit different; if there was no father listed you can add a father through the State of Michigan.  You must have either Judge signed orders naming a father or both parties can willingly sign an Affidavit of Parentage and submit it with the Add a Father form, these are available online or at our office.  (If an order of filiation has already been sent to the state you do not need to submit and documentation)

There is a $40.00 fee to do this. 


How do I correct a record?

You can correct a birth record by using a correction form, available online or at the County Clerks office.  You will have to submit documentation with the form showing what the information is supposed to be.  There is a $40.00 charge for any correction.


Recreation & Development

How do I reserve a campsite at Perkins Park?

For camp reservations and questions related to Perkins Park or the Big Bay Harbor, please contact:

906-345-9353 or click here to email the Park.

Reservations are accepted with payment of the first night's camping fee plus a $2 reservation fee. Reservation deposits are non-refundable, however, the date of a reservation can be changed to another date within this year's camping season.



When do I need to get a building permit?

Permits are required for:

A.  All new construction - buildings, additions, alterations, remodeling, new or replacement plumbing, mechanical, or electrical systems and so on.

B.  Demolition or removal of buildings

C.  Changing an existing use, i.e., converting a house to an office or an apartment.

D.  Moving any building, including mobile homes.

For more information visit the Marquette County Building Codes Department, or call: (906) 225-8180

Where do I get a Bridge Card?

Contact the Department of Human Services at 228-9691.

Who performs marriage ceremonies at the Courthouse?

The District Court magistrates and the County Clerk solemnize marriages.  The District Court charges a fee of $10.00 and the County Clerk charges a fee of $25.00.  Call to make an appointment.

Visit the County Clerk's Services webpage to find out how to obtain a marriage license.


Sawyer Services/Airport

What commercial airlines fly from Sawyer?

Mesaba/The Delta Connection services Detroit on a daily basis.  American Eagle Airlines provides regional jets non-stop to Chicago, or one-stop to Chicago via Green Bay or Milwaukee. Go to our website at for airline reservation info, flight schedules, maps to our location, long-term parking, and lost & found.

Where do I go if someone needs commercial and/or general aviation, hangar space?

Contact Keith Kaspari, Airport Manager at 906-346-3308, Ext: 222. and/or visit the airport website,  for photos and a virtual tour.

Do you have car rental companies or provide transportation to/from the airport?
By calling 906-346-3308, you will get an automated attendant that provides a listing of companies and their phone numbers. Additional information is also available on the airport website, .

I heard that K.I. Sawyer has buildings for lease.  Who do I contact about my company's needs?

Please direct inquiries to Scott Erbisch at 906-346-3308, Ext: 221 and /or Cheryl Cox 906-346-3308, Ext: 220.

Who do I call regarding invoices and/or accounts payable?

Please call Jeanie Johnson at 906-346-3308, Ext: 200.


I'm a retired senior and would like to do some volunteer work.  Who do I contact?

A good place to start would be the Marquette County Retired & Senior Volunteer Program.  This program's mission is to enrich the lives of seniors age 55 and older by supporting their involvement in meaningful volunteer opportunities Volunteers are matched according to their skills, interests and time available, with volunteer opportunities in non-profit public agencies and schools in Marquette County.  To find out more and download an application form, click here.

What Senior Centers are there in Marquette County?

There are four Senior Centers in Marquette County and they provide the following services:

  • Homemaker
  • Case Coordination & Support
  • Financial Management
  • Outreach
  • Health Promotion and Recreation Activities
  • Senior Meal Site
  • Information and Assistance

For contact information, click here.

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