Dept  BadgeMarquette County Sheriff’s Office road patrol deputies provide the county with a wide variety of services that goes well beyond that of other law enforcement agencies.

Deputies operating under the county’s general fund fulfill certain mandated duties. These duties include serving civil process and warrants, providing court security and transporting prisoners.  Patrol deputies provide full-service law enforcement and traffic patrols, including Emergency 911 response to county residents. Divisional deputies also provide liquor license inspections, kennel inspections, animal control, vehicle inspections, property inspections (including commercial, residential, and recreational properties), conduct peace-keeping standbys for execution of civil process and domestic disputes, serve personal protection orders and numerous other types of civil process for the public, the courts and other entities. 

Additional deputies are funded through a variety of sources.  Their duties include patrolling Marquette and Tilden Townships, P.A. 416 Traffic Enforcement, Airport Security, UPSET and Special Operations (Snowmobile, ORV and Marine Safety).

Accident Reports

Copies of accident reports can be acquired at for a fee of $22.00.  You will need the report number that was provided to you by the deputy that policed the accident.

Police Reports

All requests for police reports, with the exception of accident reports, must be accompanied with a    Freedom of Information Request Form.  Your request is submitted to the Prosecutor's Office for review and will be approved/denied within five (5) working days.

Sex Offender Registry 

 For up to date information on registered sex offenders in your area, please go to the State of Michigan web site at