The purpose of the Marquette County Road Atlas is to provide the best road information to the public emergency service providers of Marquette County.  Through this process, better information is also available to the residents and visitors of Marquette County.

The latest version of the Road Atlas includes many enhancements, including:  color maps, color aerial photos, address ranges, public land information, and shaded relief.  As the County moves through the continued upgrading and updating process it is proposed that the atlas can continue to be improved on and added to as to best meet the needs of its existing and future users.

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WARNING: This atlas was published in 2013.  Some roads have changed since that time. 
It is the responsibility of the user to check on local conditions. 
The County of Marquette makes no warranty of the current accuracy of the
Road Atlas.  This information is provided for informational purposes only.

Legend (page 1)
NW Powell Township (page 4)
N Central Powell Township (page 6)
Salmon Trout Bay Area Powell Township (page 8)
SW Powell Twp., NW Michigamme Twp. (page 10)
Central Powell Twp. Ives Lake Area (page 12)
E Central Powell Township (page 14)
Big Bay inset (page 16)
NE Powell Twp Granite Point Area (page 18)
NW Michigamme Township (page 20)
N Champion Township (page 22)
N Ishpeming Township, SW Powell Township (page 24)
SE Powell Twp. Saux Head Area (page 26)
W Michigamme Township (page 30)
E Michigamme Twp., W Champion Twp. (page 32)
S Central Champion Township (page 34)
Central Ishpeming Township (page 36)
NW Marquette Township (page 38)NE Marquette Township (page 40)
S Michigamme Township (page 42)Michigamme inset (page 44)
S Champion Township (page 46)
Champion inset (page 48)
N Ely Township (page 50)S Central Ishpeming Twp., NW Negaunee Twp. (page 52)
Old Airport Area inset (page 54)

Negaunee Township NE (page 56)
Marquette Township South inset (page 60)
Trowbridge Park inset (page 62)
Marquette North inset (page 64)
Marquette Central inset (page 66)
Marquette South inset (page 68)
N Republic Township (page 70)
N Humboldt Township (page 72)
Central Ely Township (page 74)
Clarksburg/Diorite inset (page 76)
Greenwood inset (page 78)
Ishpeming area (page 80)
West Ishpeming inset (page 82)
National Mine inset (page 84)
Ishpeming South inset (page 86)
Ishpeming inset (page 88)
Ishpeming North inset (page 90)
Negaunee-Palmer area (page 92)
Negaunee South inset (page 94)

Negaunee North inset (page 96)
Palmer inset (page 98)
N Sands Township (page 100)
Crossroads inset (page 102)
Silver Creek Area inset (page 104)
W Chocolay Township (page 106)
Harvey inset (page 108)
Lakewood inset (page 110)
Cherry Creek Area inset (page 112)
E Chocolay Township (page 114)
W Central Republic Township (page 116)
Republic Area, Central Humboldt Township (page 118)
North Republic inset (page 120)

South Republic inset (page 122)
S Central Ely Township (page 124)
Central Tilden Township (page 126)
S Richmond Township (page 128)
Sands Plains, Sands, Forsyth Twps. (page 130)
K.I. Sawyer Airport Area inset (page 132)
K.I. Sawyer Residential Area (page 134)

West Branch Township (page 136)
Northern Skandia Township (page 138)
Skandia inset (page 140)
SW Republic Township (page 142)
S Humboldt Township (page 144)
S Ely Township (page 146)
S Tilden Township (page 148)
NW Forsyth Township (page 150)
Austin/Princeton inset (page 154)

Gwinn inset (page 156)
NE Forsyth Township (page 158)
Little Lake inset (page 160)

Southern Skandia Township (page 162)
SW Forsyth Township (page 164)
South Central Forsyth Township (page 166)
W Turin Township (page 168)
E Turin Township (page 170)
NW Wells Township (page 172)
S Wells Twp., NW Ewing Twp. (page 174)
NE Ewing Twp., S Turin Twp., NW Wells Twp. (page 176)
SW Wells Township (page 178)

S Central Wells Township (page 180)
SE Wells Township, S Ewing Township (page 182)