The Emergency Preparedness Program is responsible for the development of protocols, policies, and plans associated with protecting the health of Marquette County citizens from natural, chemical, biological and radiological threats. Our staff collaborates with local, state and federal authorities to address issues that may threaten the health of Marquette County citizens. Our collaborative efforts include working with community partners to ensure rapid detection of disease patterns as well as timely and accurate dissemination of emergency health information and provide prophylaxis if available and necessary.

We believe information and education is the best defense. An educated population is a prepared population.  A prepared population does not panic when faced with emergencies and is resilient and strong during and after an emergency event. There are several resources available to assist individuals, families, schools, and communities to prepare for natural or human made disasters whether it's weather, biological, chemical, or radiological threat. Marquette County citizens are encouraged to utilize the resources available on this web site to learn the facts about these threats and to take appropriate precautions.

If you don't find what you are looking for or have a unique circumstance, please contact the Marquette County Health Department, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (906) 475-5649.