Lower Level of the Courthouse
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Jackie Lykins, Equalization Director  
Email: Equalization

Duties & Responsibilities: 

•Analyze average assessment levels of the twenty-two local assessing districts located in the County.

•Recommend equalized value to the County Board of Commissioners for each of the twenty-two units that will distribute the burden to finance county services among the local units fairly.

•Audit assessment rolls and prepare audit reports.

•Submit assessment roll audit reports to State Tax Commission.

•Provide sales information to local assessors.

•Conduct a sales verification program.

•Provide local assessors advice in carrying out their function.

•Provide elected officials and general public assistance and advice with property tax related matters.

•Calculate and prepare tax limitation report (Headlee, Truth in Taxation and Truth-in-Assessing).

•Prepare exempt property report.•Audit personal property reports.•Coordinate and conduct educational seminars.

•Assist local assessors with assessment appeals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you estimate the amount of my tax bill for me? Contact Tax Roll at (906) 225-8410
Can I get a property tax code number for this particular address? Contact Tax Roll at (906) 225-8410 or your local unit.
Can I get a property tax code number for this person's property? Contact Tax Roll at (906) 225-8410
Who is the owner of this legal description? Contact Tax Roll at (906) 225-8410 or your township
Do you keep track of residential and/or vacant land? Contact Tax Equalization at (906) 225-8405
Do you have a map for this parcel? Contact Tax Roll at (906) 225-8410
Do you sell maps? Contact Tax Roll at (906) 225-8410
Do you sell Plat Books? Yes.

Tax Administration Program
(906) 225-8410
Email: Tax Administration

Duties & Responsibilities:

•Maintain current ownership/description records for nineteen townships and two cities.

•Enter ownership and property description data to computer files.

•Enter assessment and assessment change data to computer files.

•Print change of assessment notices.

•Print assessment rolls and related reports.

•Print tax rolls and tax bills for nineteen townships and two cities.

•Prepare tax statements for mailing (50,000 annually).

•Assist general public and local assessors with ownership/description problems.

•Maintain ownership maps.

•Assist Treasurer's Department with deed certification.

•Update Homesteads & Homestead Denials.

•Assist planners with parcel maps and ownership information.

•Notify property owners when a faulty deed has been recorded and recommend corrective action.

•Provide ownership and description information to realtors, foresters, banks, etc.

•Provide Department of Natural Resources information for enrollment and withdrawal of commercial forest lands.

•Assist Plat Board.

•Coordinates the production and design of the County Plat book.

Fee Schedule - Per Unit

Standard Reports
Assessment/Tax Roll Page $   .15 $35.00
Alphabetical Index Each $15.00 $15.00
Name and Address Each $25.00 $25.00
Name, Address, Legal Page $.   15 $30.00
0 - 250 Each $   .10 $20.00
251 - 500 Each $   .085 ---
501 - 1000 Each $   .075 ---
1000 + Each $   .05 ---
Special Report Page $   .15 $30.00
Binders Each $ 5.00 ---