Marquette County Courthouse
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Marquette, Michigan 49855
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Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except legal holidays

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Law Library Location

The Marquette County Law Library is located in Room 115 (located immediately north of the marble staircase) of the first floor of the Courthouse. The library is funded by Marquette County and is available to Legal Professionals, citizens of Marquette County and visitors to the area.

The resources of the library include Westlaw Online, legal resources in print and Michigan Legislative booklets. Westlaw in an online legal research tool and is continuously being updated. It provides quick, easy access to a vast collection of statutes, case law materials, public records and other legal resources. A computer terminal is provided for online research.

Westlaw Online Databases

Cases Database

Michigan State Cases

Michigan State & Federal Cases

6th Circuit Federal & State Cases

All Federal & State Cases

All State Cases

All Federal Cases

Michigan Headnotes

All Federal & State Case Law Before 1945

All Federal & State Case Law Headnotes

All State Case Law Before 1945

All State Case Law Headnotes

Courts of Appeals Cases

District Courts Cases

Michigan Business Organizations Cases

Michigan Civil Rights Cases

Michigan Commercial Law & Contract cases

Michigan Family Law Cases

Michigan Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Cases

Michigan Professional Malpractice Cases

Michigan Real Property Cases

Michigan State & Federal Headnotes

Michigan Tort Law Cases

Michigan Workers’ Compensation Cases

Multistate Business Organizations Cases

Multistate Civil Rights Cases

Multistate Commercial Law & Contracts Cases

Multistate Commercial Law & Contracts Headnotes

Multistate Family Law Cases

Multistate Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Cases

Multistate Professional Malpractice Cases

Multistate Real Property Cases

Multistate Tort Law Cases

Multistate Workers’ Compensation Cases

Supreme Court Cases

West’s North Western Reporter


Statutes & Legislative Materials

Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated | Table of Contents

Michigan Legislative Service

All State Statutes Annotated

All State Statutes Unannotated

Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated – General Index

Michigan Compiled Laws Unannotated | Table of Contents

Michigan Historical Legislative Service

Multistate Legislative Service

United States Code Annotated | Table of Contents

United States Public Laws

United States Public Laws – 1973 - 1998


Court Rules & Orders

Michigan Court Rules | Table of Contents

Michigan Rules Update Orders

Rules Update Orders – All

Federal Rules Update Orders

United States Rules | Table of Contents


Forms, Treatises, CLE’s & Other Practice Materials

Michigan Civil Jurisprudence | Table of Contents

Michigan Civil Practice | Table of Contents

Michigan Court Rules Practice | Table of Contents

Michigan Legal Forms | Table of Contents

Michigan Pleading and Practice | Table of Contents

Michigan Litigation Forms and Analysis | Table of Contents

Criminal Practice

Federal Criminal Justice – U.S. Code Annotated

Federal Criminal Justice Cases

Michigan Criminal Justice Cases

Multistate Criminal Justice Cases

Estate Planning

Multistate Estate Planning & Probate Cases

Internal Revenue Code | Table of Contents

Michigan Estate Planning & Probate Cases


Other Resources 

The Marquette County Law Library has a substantial number of legal resources in print. Some of the print resources are not current but they can be accessed online in the Westlaw Databases. The print resources that can be accessed online are tagged as such. Some print resources are not current and are not online, and are tagged as such.

Print Resources

American Jurisprudence

Black’s Law Dictionary

Child Support Formula Manual

Criminal Law & Procedure (Gillespie)

Federal Reporter (2d series)

Federal Reporter (3d series)

Federal Supplement

McCormick on Evidence

Michigan Appeals Reports

Michigan Appeals Reports Advance Sheets

Michigan Civil Jurisprudence

Michigan Compiled Laws

Michigan Compiled Laws (compact edition)

Michigan Court Rules

Michigan Court Rules (Federal)

Michigan Criminal Appeals: Practice and Procedure

Michigan Criminal Jury Instructions

Michigan Digest

Michigan Family Law

Michigan Law and Practice

Michigan Probate Law

Michigan Probate Laws and Rules

Michigan Reports

Michigan reports Advance Sheets

Michigan Sentencing Guidelines

Restatement of The Law (second)

Restatement of The Law (third)

Shepard’s Federal Citation

Shepard’s Federal Statute Citations

Shepard’s Michigan Citations

Shepard’s United States Citations

The Law of Torts (Dobbs)

Trial Handbook for Michigan Lawyers

Uniform Laws Annotated

United States Supreme Court Reporter

Words and Phrases

 The Legislative Printing Division supplies preprinted, general interest booklets that are available to all legislative offices. These booklets present information for a wide range of Citizens. These booklets are reviewed and updated regularly by the House and Senate caucus staffs as well as by the Legislative Service Bureau’s Research Services and Printing Divisions.

Citizen Information Booklets

Changes and Choices

Consumers Information Book

Crime Victim’s Rights Act and Constitutional Amendment

Domestic Violence

For The People…By The People

Getting to Know Michigan

Michigan Constitution

Michigan Friend of The Court

Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environment

Movin’ On: Rights and Responsibilities of Young Adults

Peace of Mind

Portraits of Michigan

Services for Seniors

The Legislative Process

The Michigan Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act


Your Child


The Staff of the 25th Judicial Circuit Court makes every effort to help patrons use the resources of the library, however by law (MCL 600.916 Unauthorized Practice of Law) the staff cannot do the following: give legal advice, state opinions on legal issues, interpret the law, regulations, court cases, or any other materials, select specific forms, choose or recommend language for use on any form or other legal document, answer most telephone inquiries about the law.