I.  Permits are required for:

A.  All new construction - buildings, additions, alterations, remodeling, new or replacement plumbing, mechanical, or electrical systems and so on.

B.  Demolition or removal of buildings

C.  Changing an existing use, i.e., converting a house to an office or an apartment.

D.  Moving any building, including mobile homes.

E.  SOIL EROSION PERMIT, if disturbed land is within 500 feet of lake or stream or disturbing more than one acre of land.


II.  Marquette County Resource Management/Development Department issues building permits for all of Marquette County. To apply for a permit, bring a completed application to the Resource Management/Development Department, or you may also visit the Ishpeming Service Center in the Clerk/Treasurers Office at 215 W. Hematite Drive, Ishpeming along with the following:

A. Zoning Approval: The townships and cities enforce their own ordinances. Zoning approval must be obtained from them in writing before a permit can be issued.

Note: Some subdivisions have restrictive covenants which may regulate building size, placement, or construction features. These covenants are not enforced by any government agency. Check your deed or call the Register of Deeds office (225-8415) for information on your subdivision.

B.  Plans for the Building:

1.  Plot Plan: (back of application) Should include size and location of structures on property, including distances to lot lines, streets, roads, and property lines.

2.  Floor Plan: (may be self-prepared, although blueprints are preferred) Include all room uses and sizes, door and window sizes and locations.

3. Specification Sheet, Footing/Foundation Plan and Cross Section Drawing: (may be self-prepared, although blueprints are preferred) Include size, type, and quality (grade) of materials, size of footings, depth, size and span of joists and rafters, ceiling heights, stair details, etc.

4.  Truss Design:  Engineered drawings must be submitted with plans.

C. Well/Septic Approval: Contact  the Marquette County Health Department's Division of Environmental Health, in writing at 184 US 41 East, Negaunee, MI 49866 or telephone 906-475-4195 or go to their web site and download the Environmental Health Service Request Application. For public water and sewer approval, contact your local unit for government.

D. Soil Erosion Permit: You can print the application here, or pick up in the office.

E. Legal Description: A legal description of your property is needed. This can usually be found on your tax statement, deed, land contract.

F. Contractor's License Number and Name: If you are not doing the work yourself, the contractor's license number, insurance number, name, and so on must be on the application.

Permits may be required by other agencies.  Please contact these agencies individually.

  1. Driveway - Marquette County Road Commission (906) 486-4491

  2. Wetlands - Department of Environmental Quality (906) 228-4853 


G.  Additional Information:

1)  Permits may be acquired in person or by mail from the Resource Management/Development Department only after the above procedures have been completed.

2)  A permit fee shall be paid before a building permit can be issued.

3)  Do not start construction until the building permit has been issued.

4)  Other permits such as driveway, wetlands, etc., may be required by other agencies.

                       5) Handouts are available, and inspectors will answer questions.

6) Airport Zoning may be applicable depending on where your property is located. Click here to see map and other important information regarding Airport Zoning.

Please note:  the secretarial staff cannot answer technical questions.  You must speak with an inspector!

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Inspectors try to maintain office hours from 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. and from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. for telephone calls.