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Mission Statement:Through leadership, innovation, and collaboration, the County of Marquette is committed to using its resources wisely to provide services that improve our quality of life and foster a county-wide sense of community.

Scott Erbisch, County Administrator

Under the general direction of the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator carries out policy directives and is responsible for financial management of the County.  For the parts of county government that are under the authority of the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator is responsible for ensuring policies are implemented and services are effectively and efficiently delivered.  For the parts that are not under the authority of the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator assists in giving coherence to the collection of elected department directors and appointed boards and commissions that make up county government in Michigan.

Specific administrative responsibilities include:

The County Administrator assists the Board of Commissioners, elected officials, department directors, and boards and commissions in reaching goals and completing priorities. Departments overseen by the county administrator include:

Major challenges facing the County of Marquette include maintaining a balanced budget, anticipating and responding to significant economic and demographic changes, implementing K.I. Sawyer strategies, and working with local, state, and federal officials and agencies to accomplish priorities and objectives.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan: The Marquette County Strategic Plan represents a comprehensive countywide development process with specific goals for (1) infrastructure, (2) community, (3) revenue generation and stability, and (4) organizational development over the span of five years.

Strategic Plan Updates
Goal Area One: Infrastructure (11/26/2017)
Goal Area Two: Community (3/12/2018)
Goal Area Three: Revenue Generation & Stability (4/18/2018)
Goal Area Four: Human Resources/Organization Development (10/16/2018)  

 Notation:  K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base was targeted for closure in the Fall of 1995 by the Base Closure Commission.  Since that time the County of Marquette has been involved in redevelopment efforts.

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