MQT County LogoMarquette County, named in honor of the Jesuit priest and explorer Jacques Marquette, lies in the rich iron-ore district of the north-central Upper Peninsula. To the east are Delta and Alger Counties, to the south Dickinson and Menominee, to the west Iron and Baraga. Lake Superior established the northern boundary. These lines were set in 1843, when the Upper Peninsula was divided into six counties established simultaneously to facilitate the completion of a topographical survey being taken by the eminent geologist and surveyor, Dr. Douglas Houghton.  Marquette County was not formally organized, however, until April 4, 1848.

Government in Marquette County is a network of interrelated boards, commissions, and departments, which are semi-autonomous in that they are restricted by state policies and vary in their powers.

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners is the policy-making body with other groups carrying out county policies and/or advising the commissioners while they are in the process of making policy.

Under the general direction of the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator carries out policy directives and is responsible for financial management of the County.  For the parts of county government that are under the authority of the Board of Commissioners, the County Administrator is responsible for ensuring policies are implemented and services are effectively and efficiently delivered.  For the parts that are not under the authority of the board of commissioners, the County Administrator assists in giving coherence to the collection of elected department directors and appointed boards and commissions that make up county government in Michigan. 

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