Marquette County is happy to provide you with this Dashboard, a quick assessment of the County's performance in key areas including: economic strength; health and education; public safety; quality of life; and value for government.

To access the dashboards, choose from the menu on the left or click on the links below to view various County statistics such as... 

Economic Strength: Indicators of the County's overall economic strength.

The icons displayed below indicate the status of the County's progress in each particular area as compared to the previous reporting period.

A plus or positive sign (+) means we are improving. 

A minus or negative sign (-) means a decline. 

The equal sign (=) means there has been no discernable change.

   Progress Key


Health & Education:  Statistics regarding our citizens' health and academic success.

Public Safety: Crime and traffic injury rates.

Quality of Life: Population statistics and residents' satisfaction with recreational opportunities in the County.

Value for Government: Government spending and borrowing.

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